Breaking News: Medical Marijuana NOT approved by Township - Opening is Delayed due to lack of Certificate of Occupancy

First in state to open is delayed, again

Diane Lilli

Greenleaf Alternative Treatment Center has advised the Department of Health it will not be ready for a final inspection for several weeks because Montclair Township has yet to issue approval for the Center's Certificate of Occupancy. Once this matter is resolved, the Department of Health can perform its final inspection and if Greenleaf has satisfied all of the necessary requirements a permit will be issued to begin distribution of medicinal marijuana to those individuals who have qualified for the program.

In order to ensure the state is doing all that it can to expedite the opening of the Center, representatives from the Department of Health's Medicinal Marijuana Program will be at Greenleaf working with them every day so they are ready for their final inspection and able to receive a state permit to dispense once their issues with Montclair are resolved.

The Department has been and will continue updating patients and physicians on these developments. The program's Customer Service unit is available at 609-292-0424.

At this time 239 patients have either registered with the program or are in the process of completing registration, while more than 170 physicians have registered. The other five Alternative Treatment Centers are in various stages of either finalizing locations or having background examinations completed of the principals of their organizations.