Researchers describe this new discovery as the "Big Bang" of Alzheimer's disease

Breaking Alzheimer’s News: Drug reduces plaque in brains of patients

Diane Lilli

Yesterday, a new study was published offering very hopeful news for the treatment of both Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The large clinical trial was made public at the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Chicago.

Though more proof is needed, the new trial data shows the drug can do two things: clear plaque and change cognition, both of which are main issues for anyone suffering from both devastating medical conditions. This looks like it would be the very first effective way to treat the Alzheimer’s, which currently impacts over 44 million people across the globe. In the U.S., there are about 5.5 million sufferers of the illness.

While other drugs have been shown to help some symptoms of Alzheimer’s, none have shown the promise of this new one, which helps both memory decline and also cognitive problems.
In the study, 81 percent of the 856 trial patients saw improvements that took their Alzheimer’s diagnosis down to one in the area of dementia.

Now called BAN2401, this new drug must still go through more trials before the public can take it. Updates to follow.


To read the study, click here.