Police Need Your Help: 5-year Old Girl Killed by Hit and Run Driver

Diane Lilli

Last night, a 5-year old girl walking with her 11-year old sister was mowed down and killed in Newark.

According to the Essex County prosecutor's office, the two girls were at South Orange and Columbia Avenues

when a driver struck the little girl and fled the scene.

They were crossing the street.

Authorities are looking for a dark blue or black late-model Mercedes-Benz.

The police and prosecutor's office need your help.

If you can identify the driver or anyone else involved in the crash, call the 24-hour "Crime Stoppers" anonymous tip line at (877) 695-8477 or (877) 695-4867.

According to witnesses, the car was speeding and the little girl was in front of her home.

Pedestrian accident deaths have skyrocketed in New Jersey, a recent report states. Last year, auto accidents dropped 18.5 percent nation wide.

Not in New Jersey.

Pedestrian accident fatalities rose by a 36.5 percent in 2008.

New Jersey State police statistics show motor vehicles were responsible for 86 walking deaths in 2008. Three victims were under 16 and 38 were over 49.

Last year,in 2009 there were 157 pedestrian accident deaths. Since 2004, over 30,000 pedestrians have been injured in New Jersey car accidents.