US is regarded as having "Humanitarian Crisis" as country is #1 in cases

With 12 Million Covid Confirmed Cases, US is #1 in World - CDC Pleads with Americans to STAY home on Thanksgiving

At G20 Virtual Summit Today, President Trump attends briefly and misses entire afternoon

Diane Lilli

The Covid-19 virus is spreading like wildfire and the CDC is begging all Americans to forgo going anywhere this Thanksgiving. But the travel numbers are frightening: it is expected that over 50 million Americans will drive, fly or use other transportation to visit family on Thanksgiving.

Deaths in the US due to the virus are now over 255 million.

There is no cure and a vaccine is still not available.

Every since President Trump lost his relection bid on November 3, he has NOT been working full-time or doing anything to comment about or help the surging Coronavirus. He has not addressed the nation as we face our first and  worst Humanitarian Crisis in our history.

The virus is growing extremley fast, as Northwestern University reports a “jerk” acceleration, where the cases are going up much more rapidly than expected.

Without a national mandate for mask wearing and social distancing, and many people still going out and planning to see older relatives on Thanksgiving, it is expected that by end of January - March America will hit about  500,000 deaths.

Holidays will cost many people their life due to the Pandemic. Please stay home. You may be saving the lives of your family. 



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