President Trump Encourages Protectors to never "concede" right before they attack Capital

THIS IS WHAT TREASON LOOKS LIKE: Violent Trump Cult Followers Attack Congress and Capital - Will Military Remove Silent President?

President Incites Riot at D.C. Rally.. Protesters turn violent and try to overthrow the government.

This is the scene inside of the Capital, as Trump minions attempt to overthrow the government.
Diane Lilli

Violent protestors turned mobsters, a woman shot in the chest on Capital grounds, protesters being into the Capital as they break windows, and scenes of fights are raging in Washington D.C. 

D.C., Maryland, and Virginia National Guard Troops are marching in now, at 4 PM EST.

President inspired and encouraged the protest after repeatedly insisting he won the presidential election to his millions of fans. Right before the protest, the president spoke to at the rally in D.C. and said "We will never concede" and that the "weak" will never win but the "strong" will be successful. Then, the mob walked down Pennsylvania Avenue and attacked the Capital, while Congress was certifying the legal, certified presidential states' electoral votes.

As Congress voted to certify the states' electoral votes for Biden as president, the protestors AKA terrorist group attacked.

Congress members were told to don gas masks, shelter in place or hide in their offices. Multiple law officers have been injured and at this time, one has been taken to the hospital. A woman on Capital grounds was shot in the chest - no further details available at this time. 

The Vice President was being evacuated and during it all, as protesters stormed the capital to overthrow the US Government, the current president SAID NOTHING TO STOP THEM.

This is a fluid news story. Let us hope we prevail. 

It's time to throw out Trump and get him as far away from his cult as possible because our country should not be attacked in this way.

Stay safe.


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