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Seven Best Ways to Use CBD Oil

Diane Lilli

More than 29 million Americans are now using CBD Oil to manage their physical or mental pain. The CBD oil market is booming, but in order to take advantage of this natural pain medicine, you need to understand the product in all its forms and then decide the most effective ways to use CBD Oil.

Before you commit to any CBD product including CBD Oil, check out these seven most effective ways to use this miraculous natural treatment.

1. CBD Edibles 

When even Martha Stewart offers gourmet edibles, you know you’re in for a popular, delicious treat! Today’s edibles are a pleasing way to enjoy your CBD. 

CBD Edibles offer fast results since they are easily digested. 

Gummies are created in sumptuous flavors such as rhubarb, pink grapefruit, strawberry, passion fruit, and many more. 

Edibles come in a few different forms.

  • Gummies: Gummies are created in sumptuous flavors such as rhubarb, pink grapefruit, strawberry, passion fruit, and many more. 
  • Brownies - If you’re a chocolate lover, decadent, fudge CBD brownies will hit the spot. One we recommend is the ‘Killer Brownie’, a gooey delight with a dusting of sugar.
  • Cookies - CBD chocolate cookies can be purchased, but why not try this gluten-free,  easy recipe to bake in your own kitchen? 

Whether you enjoy gummies, cookies, or brownies,  there’s truly an edible for everyone!

2. Topicals:   CBD Lotions & Bath Salts

For someone who does want to ingest CBD orally, CBD topicals are the solution. 

CBD topicals are available in lotions, oils and bath salts. Here’s how to use them most efficiently.

  • Sublingual CBD Tinctures: Just use your dropper and put a few drops under your tongue. This offers fast results since the oil absorbs in your bloodstream almost immediately. Tip: Be sure to keep it under your tongue for about 30 seconds.
  • CBD Lotions, Creams & Salves: If you are looking for relief from skin issues, CBD lotions, creams and salves are the perfect solution. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends CBD lotions as a secondary treatment for skin issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 
  • CBD Bath Salts: A relaxing bath with CBD salts or bath bombs is a quick way to relieve tension. The healing, restorative benefits of your CBD bath will quickly soothe your pain.

3. CBD Patches

If you want to target a specific area of pain, CBD patches are the perfect solution. CBD patches are as effective as taking capsules and will hyper-target your area of pain.

Because the CBD is taken right through your skin when using a CBD patch, it enters your bloodstream fast and impacts the site of your pain.

CBD patches are easy to use and will ease pain and inflammation wherever you place them. Simply apply to your skin, and the CBD will be absorbed into your body.

4. CBD Infused Drinks 

CBD friendly coffee shops and cafes are popping up all over, and now offer CBD Infused lattes or tea. You can also purchase online  CBD infused flavored sparkling water in a rainbow of  flavors such as blood orange, coconut lime, and more.

Educated consumers are ditching unhealthy sodas and switching to natural drinks, and CBD infused beverages are a very popular choice. 

DIY CBD Infused drinks: If you’d like to create your own CBD Infused drinks, follow the recommended dosage for your CBD Oil and try to use a water-based CBD Oil. As we all know, water and oil don’t mix so if you want a smooth blend of CBD Oil and your beverage, purchase your water-based CBD Oil accordingly!

5. CBD Concentrates

CBD Concentrates have high levels of cannabidiol, so they impart a higher dose fast.

Concentrates act upon the   brain’s  endocannabinoid system, which will offer you many health benefits. 

CBD Concentrates are pure and offer a higher dose of CBD. Just put the CBD Concentrate directly under your tongue for about a minute before swallowing.

6. CBD Capsules

For many people, taking capsules is the most convenient way to get the benefits of CBD. 

CBD Capsules are oral capsules that enter your body via your  digestive system.

There are many companies offering CBD Capsules, so be sure to read their dosage recommendations before purchasing. 

7. CBD Flowers 

When it comes to flower power, CBD Flowers are a holistic method of using CBD.

Just like tea, CBD Flowers are the dried, cured flower of mature Cannabis sativa plants, all containing less than 0.3% THC. 

The flavors, or Terpenes, impart different aromas. Though many CBD Flower lovers smoke it, it may also be added to your recipes using butter, oil, or other ingredients.

We hope this CBD Oil guide 'Seven Best Ways to Use CBD Oil' will help you understand how best to safely use  CBD products.