FDA-Cleared Regenerate SoftWave Therapy is "Game changer" for patients

Regenerate SoftWave Therapy & Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhatta Celebrate new Space with Ribbon-Cutting & More

Regenerate SoftWave Therapy hosted a festive Open House in Hoboken on Tuesday, June 22. On hand to celebrate were, from left to right: Co-founder Dr. Marco Ferrucci, Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, Co-Founder Dr. Tim Lyons, Lorenzo Lyons, Lisa Lyons, Hoboken Council Member Tiffanie Fisher, Doreen Dalli, Joe Montelone, and Erin Robinson.
Diane Lilli

It's been almost two years since we could enjoy something as lovely as a health and wellness practice celebrating their growth - with an in-person ribbon cutting. Today, I had the great pleasure of doing exactly that, in Hoboken. It was a joy to support two top doctors, who are also Chiropractors,  who believe that our health system is broken and that there is a way to fix it. Their mission is to treat patients without drugs, or injections,  and to avoid surgery if possible.  

SoftWave Therapy is a truly transformative way to heal patient's issues. I have seen it first hand.

 With over a decade of patient care in and around Cedar Grove, New Jersey Doctors Lyons and Ferrucci celebrated their new Regenerate SoftWave Therapy offices in Hoboken, New Jersey.  

In honor of their hundreds of SoftWave patients, and to welcome Hoboken residents to the new practice, the public was invited to an Open House and Discovery Day on June 22.

Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla was on hand to cut the ribbon as Drs. Ferrucci and Lyons looked on with 3 generations of their family and staff.


This SoftWave Therapy practice is the first and only clinic in Northern New Jersey to offer this highly effective treatment, with Regenerate SoftWave patients reporting a 50 percent reduction in pain after two visits.

Regenerate SoftWave Therapy is an FDA-cleared, alternative to surgery and a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for inflammation, chronic pain, diabetes, and all joint issues. 

“This is a game-changer for patients everywhere,” said Dr. Ferrucci. “Softwave Therapy regenerates orthopedic injuries by immediately decreasing inflammation, improving blood flow, and activating stem cells to aid in the healing process. We are thrilled to see how many patients of all ages now come to our Hoboken clinic, and we are seeing first-time patients feel immediate results.”

Proven results for patients include:

  • Joint Pain Relief: Knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle & more
  • Soft Tissue Pain Relief: Ligaments, muscles, tissue & more
  • Chronic Pain Relief: Back, nerves, discs, joints & more
  • Acute Pain Relief: Wounds, burning, numbness & more
  • Surgery Alternative: Back, knee, hand, foot, shoulder, etc.
  • Injection Alternative: Stem cells, cortisone, etc.


Regenerate SoftWave is located at 70 Hudson St., Suite 3C, Hoboken, N.J.; at  388 Pompton Ave., located within The Chiropractic Source office) and in Staten Isand.

To learn more, visit https://www.regenerateswt.com/.




About Regenerate SoftWave Therapy


Regenerate SoftWave Therapy, located in Hoboken and Cedar Grove, New Jersey, plus Staten Island, New York, is owned by  Drs. Marco Ferrucci and Tim Lyons, both award-winning chiropractors and owners of The Chiropractic Source in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, since 2009. 


With a mission to heal patients’ pain without drugs, injections, or unnecessary surgeries, Doctors Ferrucci and Lyons launched the state-of-the-art Regenerate SoftWave Therapy in October 2020 in Hoboken, New. Jersey, and also offer the non-invasive procedure with patients in their Cedar Grove and Staten Island locations.


Regenerate SoftWave Therapy uses the FDA Cleared OrthoGold100 SoftWave™ device that has been in successful use in Europe for more than a decade. The SoftWave Therapy stimulates new stem cells, increases circulation, breaks up scar tissue and painful calcifications while reducing inflammation. 


Most patients experience relief as soon as their first  15-minute treatment and are expected to complete the entire treatment plan in about six visits.  Patients report a 50 percent reduction of pain within one-two visits.


Clinical studies show Regenerate SoftWave Therapy has a proven 91 percent success rate while offering a drug-free, injection-free, and surgery-free approach to ending patients’ pain.