Post Office in crisis series: part 3 - the first anonymous letter

Anonymous Postal employee writes to JTP: We are NOT this letter.

This is a photo I took at the Caldwell Post office yesterday, March 17. It was mailed, and anonymous.
Diane Lilli

Yesterday, when I checked my for mail, I had a letter with no return address. It was mailed, and the following letter is being published in its entirety.
Last week, I wrote two articles, both noting the reports from local postal workers of being overworked and also working in a negative and allegedly harassing work atmosphere. Click here for last update on this post office crisis and click here for the first published piece.
The articles went viral, and over 75,000 readers from across the United States commented and read them via my paper, and other sites.
Now, Congressman Rodney Frelingheysun has promised to follow up with the Washington D.C. postmaster.
And, my personal Facebook messages are crowded with many many more issues concerning the mail in the Caldwells and Essex Fells.

The anonymous letter:
Dear Diane Lilli,
I am a postal employee in West Caldwell. For the last seven months this has been the worst management we have ever had. The post master Mrs. Peters and the new supervisor Rosa Espinosa think we are the new slaves of the postal service.
This past winter they held the mail at the post office for three to five days.The reason for that was a punishment for the carriers when they call out or are not performing up to standards. We have never seen anything like this. They came to mess with us and the work expected from us. They think we belong to them once we start our shift; they want us to work like animals regardless of the weather or the condition of the carriers.
We are humans and not robots. I am happy you are following up with this situation.
The customers can see it and we are experiencing it. Please help us move them from this facility, they are not good for the community.
We need our customers to understand the problem is not our fault, but the management's fault.
We need you to listen to us and get rid of the post master.
Thank you for our help.
Anonymous Postal Employee.

PLEASE NOTE: this letter and all letters are allegations not proven in a court of law, yet.


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  • Sandra

    I do not doubt a word said here. USPS management treats carriers like dirt. They have no compassion for the carrier who has to fight rain, show, sleet and hail...and this winter was one of the coldest on record. They do not let carriers take the needed breaks to keep them safe. Pressure is unbelievable, I have never heard so many carriers threaten suicide before. Management does not care a lik about their employees.

    Saturday, March 29, 2014 Report this