Worlds Collide: Seinfeld Soupman meets Montclair Radiology and Breast Cancer non-profit Diva for a Day

A view of the crowd.
The Original SoupMan co-founder Robert Bertrand with The Soupman.

Women: Plan that mammography NOW

Mammography is the gold standard for finding early breast cancers. We supplement dense breasts with ultrasound. New Jersey passed a law that requires insurance companies to pay for screening and ultra sounds for women with dense breasts”
Dr. Denise C. McFadden, Montclair Radiology

Let’s face it: when it comes to getting cancer, many of us believe it’s everyone else who as to worry. But the statistics for breast cancer, especially for women, are daunting.

One out of 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

And, just to bring home the point clearly, these women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer do NOT necessarily have high risk factors.

Last week, in an effort to educate the public about a very serious risk, renowned Montclair Radiology hosted an event at Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa in Montclair, with all proceeds going to Diva for a Day, a non-profit foundation that sends women with cancer out for a stress-free day of pampering.

On hand at the event were some incredible guests, including one that truly proved Seinfield’s adage that “worlds collide” is real, decades later. The Soupman (aka the Soup Nazi) generously came to the event, posing for hundreds of photos, and even mesmerizing the crowd with his vocal talents, as he sang with the live band!

Actor Larry Thomas said the event was important to him, since he too has first hand experience with cancer.

“My mom was diagnosed with cancer,” he said.

At the event, Dr. Denise C. McFadden spoke passionately about the importance of getting mammograms, and how it may save lives.

“Anybody who says they don’t need to come for screening because they are not high risk is wrong,” said Dr. McFadden. “1 in 8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer in our lifetimes, no matter what our risk factors are, and 75% diagnosed in people that do not have highly identifiable risk factors, meaning the BRCA gene or a first degree relative, etc.”

She also discussed the confusion about when to start screening.

“Woman should screen in their 30s, and their risk is relatively low to get breast cancer unless they are from a high risk family,” she added. “When women turn 40 the risk doubles, and there is an ongoing increase in your risk until you turn 80. Also the breast cancer in a woman age 40 is more aggressive than breast cancers in much older women.”

Guests enjoyed incredible foods, including donated kettles of the foodie-beloved The Original SoupMan soups, along with many other items. The soups, by the way, were driven to Montclair from New York City by a hard-working soup server along with a co-founder of the public company, Robert (Bob) Bertrand.

As per getting that mammogram, Dr. McFadden was crystal clear: do not put it off.

“Mammography is the gold standard for finding early breast cancers,” she said..”We supplement dense breasts with ultrasound. New Jersey passed a law that requires insurance companies to pay for screening and ultra sounds for women with dense breasts.”

As for my own experience, I must admit: it’s been a few years since I had my own mammogram. The very next morning, I picked up my phone, and called Montclair Radiology, where I will be getting my 3D mammogram.

Some things, it turns out, are not better waiting for!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - so please remind your mom, your sisters, your daughters, your friends and yourself: get that mammogram!


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