Toni's Kitchen sent a message out for you to read in regards to the steps they are taking with the COVID-19. Here is their letter.
Toni's Kitchen is taking the following steps to protect our guests and volunteers from the spread of COVID-19.
* We will continue to welcome guests and volunteers to our dining room to share a meal and friendship.
* New cleaning and prevention protocols will be in place in the kitchen.  
* We ask volunteers who have traveled China, South Korea, Iran, Italy or Japan to take themselves off the volunteer schedule for 14 days after their return to the States.
* We ask any one who is sick to stay home, especially those with respiratory symptoms including fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing.
* Guests who are ill will be provided a 'to-go' meal.
* We are installing an additional sink on the way into the space to expand hand-washing capacity for guests.
* For the near term, we will move to disposable (compostable) dinnerware.
* We of course encourage everyone to wash their hands frequently and will require that volunteers and guests wash hands/sanitize before entering the dining room or kitchen.  Volunteers will be required to stop work and change gloves at standard, timed intervals.
We are putting further plans in place if it becomes necessary to close the dining room during this health event.  We will ensure that our guests have reliable access to healthy food without interruption.


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