President Trump has Meltdown on Live Event as his Election Loss Looms

Accusing Democrats of Stealing the election, Trump loses face in front of world


In a sad and often infuriating rambling live event tonight, President Trump not only trampled upon our American Democracy but also managed to show himself as an angry, sore loser as well.

His comments focused on conspiracy theory lies about voter fraud, and he contradicted himself often as he repeated numerous lies about why he is losing the election. 

In a surreal twist, Trump also claimed mail-in votes are not legal - and of course they are legal. He also asked how he could start out with higher numbers and see Biden overtake him, saying it was fraud. But as most Americans know, mail-in votes are counted after the in-person vote are tallied. Does Trump remember this?

The live event also showed off another clear thing: lack of support. Vice President Pence was nowhere to be seen. No Republican lawmaker was by his side or is available for comment at this time.

As the wagons of defeat circle, the question has to be asked: Will Trump trigger his loyal supporters to hurt our Democracy in some violent manner? As crazy as it sounds to ask this of a sitting president, since it's Trump we all know this could happen.

In the meantime, vote counting continues and it is expected Biden will win the presidential seat for 2021. 

Updates to follow.


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