An in-person visit to a real-time SoftWave Therapy session at Regenerate SoftWave in Hoboken reveals fast results.

FDA-cleared Medical Breakthrough Treating Patients in Hoboken & Cedar Grove

Drs. Tim Lyons and Marco Ferrucci invite patients to their Regenerate SoftWave Therapy and Cedar Grove offices to be treated for numerous inflammation and chronic pain.
A patient gets treated by Regenerate SoftWave Therapy by Dr. Marco Ferrucci.
Diane Lilli

Inflammation is one of the most common conditions people experience.  With about 15 million Americans suffering from painful arthritis, it's a serious disability across the nation.  It's not only painful, however. 

Inflammation is linked to serious and even fatal conditions. A recent study in the National Library of Medicine reports the body's cytokines that regulate vital immunological conditions such as allergies and autoimmune diseases are negatively impacted by inflammation.

Dr. Marco described an early SoftWave patient treated with SoftWave Therapy.  During the patient's first session, he said that because of his condition he has a very difficult time using the bathroom. After his initial treatment, he went into our bathroom and stayed for a long time. We were a little concerned but when he came out, he said this was the first time in a very long time he could actually do something we all take for granted — he went to the bathroom! It was very satisfying to see this progress and is continuing SoftWave Therapy with us weekly."

Drs. Ferrucci and Lyons said their patients are reporting fast results, saying their pain is 50 - 80 percent gone within just a few sessions.

I had the opportunity to visit patients in Hoboken being treated at  Regenerate SoftWave Therapy  at 70 Hudson St. in Hoboken. I sat in on a patient's treatment and ask questions.

I met a veteran, who was there for his second treatment.  The patients treated have been reporting  they feel 50 percent less pain after one or two visits.

The friendly veteran in his fifties said he limped in for his first visit the week prior. He said his knees were extremely painful and that he just couldn't get around easily.

"I came in because I don't want to get surgery," he said. "When I came in, I told the doctor my pain was high, using a scale of one to ten, and I was at a ten. When I left after my first treatment I was amazed. My pain went down to about a five."

Dr. Ferrucci applied the gel to his knees and used a small application head. As he treated each knee, the small machine made a crackling noise. It took about thirty minutes to treat both knees, and the veteran did not flinch during the session, but said he felt when the SoftWave hit his "bad areas."

After the treatment, I was surprised as the happy veteran hopped right off the treatment table and started walking around the room.

"My pain is low - about a one!" said the patient.

Drs. Marco Ferrucci and Tim Lyons have pioneered this new FDA-cleared therapy to treat inflammation in Hoboken and Cedar Grove. The two doctors and partners are already renowned local chiropractors, but now embrace the modern-tech based Regenerate SoftWave Therapy in both locations. 

Regenerate Soft Wave Therapy, the first and only Hoboken, New Jersey-based Soft Wave Center, announces new facilities are now open both in Hoboken and in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Soft Wave Therapy is patented; FDA approved; painless and offers fast healing for inflammation; chronic pain; Diabetes and all joint issues.

The Soft Wave Therapy stimulates new stem cells; increases circulation; breaks up scar tissue and/or painful calcifications. Most patients experience relief as soon as their first 15-minute treatment and are expected to complete the entire treatment plan in about six visits.

Clinical studies show Regenerate Soft Wave Therapy has a proven 91 percent success rate while offering a drug-free, injection-free, and surgery-free approach to ending patients' pain.

Scientists created this patented Soft Wave Therapy by using various lens configurations to produce safe, regenerative, and healing soft pressure waves within the body. The results include a dramatic reduction of inflammation in the body as new, healthy stem cells are encouraged to grow.

Thousands of patients have experienced relief from conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain such as found in the shoulder, knee, elbow, etc.
  • Chronic Back pain
  • Acute pain from wounds including burns
  • Numbing or tingling
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Torn ligaments
  • Heel spurs/Plantar Fasciitis

"This is the most cutting edge, disruptive pain tool I have ever seen in my years as a doctor," noted Dr. Marco Ferrucci. "Our patients are often told by doctors there is no hope for their pain, and they have to "live with it". Those days are over. We are pioneers in the fight against pain by using technology with no drugs, no injections, and fast results. This is a game-changer."

In celebration of the new offices in Hoboken, patients are now being offered a holiday reduction in cost. Patients on site are fully protected with full, Pandemic sanitation and the Hoboken office will only treat one patient at a time. Convenient parking is one block away.

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