Expect legal repercussions against president’s directive to stop counting legally cast votes during election.

As Millions of  Votes Still Being Counted, Presidential Election Undecided

With no clear winner yet, President Trump claims false victory saying “Stop Counting Votes”.


With legally cast votes still being counted in a nail-biting close Presidential race,  Trump falsely said he won and demanded legally cast votes stop being counted. In reality, 9 state's votes and electoral numbers are still being counted and it's anyone's election.

America is as expected in a stressful nail-biting close race in the 2020 Presidential election, with the candidates votes in flux as many states including major swing states are still counting votes in this historic large turnout.

As election laws clearly state all votes must be counted before the final elections are called, this race includes over 100 million mail in votes that are going to take time to count.  Not knowing the results of a Presidential election immediately is nothing new to the US, since any close race demands the counting of every ballot before total popular and electoral numbers are tallied.

Last night, however, for the first time in history in a presidential election, President Trump said he wants all vote counting of legally cast votes to stop.

However, as in the critical state of Pennsylvania and elsewhere, vote are being counted as the law mandates.

As per Trump’s demands to stop counting legally cast votes, it is expected no matter the result there will be a legal response to his directions and statements, which are in stark contract to  the laws of. this country in regards to the legal casting of votes.

Updates to follow.


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