Black Lives Matter Leaders Join Many Americans Pointing out Glaring Racism for BLM Peaceful Marches Compared to a White Mob Trying to Overturn the Government

5 Dead from Capitol Attack

Photo from January 6 riot in D.C.
Diane Lilli

CLICK inside article and timeline of quotes from American leaders as to their request to remove  President Trump immediately, published in Law Commentary.

The Capitol under siege on January 6  was a sight that struck fear and brought tears to Americans. It must be noted this vicious attack, with men bearing guns, bats, bombs, and sheer force was filled with extremely angry Americans - of which almost all were white men.

As of today, five are dead including one Capitol police officer, as a result of the Trump-encouraged violence that ripped Congress apart during their live meeting to certify legal, states' electoral votes for Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

There are extremely serious discussions ongoing right now in the Cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment and have Vice President Mike Pence take office, even though it's for less than two weeks. With an unhinged president who encouraged violence against our Democracy and sent furious conspiracy theorists to attack Capitol Hill, anything is possible.

CLICK HERE for an article and timeline of quotes from American leaders as to their request to remove  President Trump immediately, published in Law Commentary.

When I sat horrified at the surging crowds who broke windows, vandalized inside and outside the historic Capitol, and caused the deaths of 5 people, I noticed immediately: everyone was white. 

Everyone was white and no police were shooting or arresting rioters en masse. 

Officers were not grabbing the seditious Trump minions who have now morphed into cult members, as they waved Confederate Flags and shouted they were taking their country back. 

What a stark contrast to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests! These protests were never violent, but instead legitimate peaceful marches where people of all races, but mostly people of color, shouted out that it's time to stop rampant racism in the US.

The reactions of many police departments to their protests around the country were not anemic. The reactions included pushing back immediately by law enforcement, manhandling unarmed women and children, and many who were marching peacefully as they sang songs or repeated over and over "Black Lives Matter" from coast to coast.

Yesterday, Black Lives Matter leaders were expressing their dismay, anger, and even feelings of deja vu as they commented on the stark contrast of a white male pro-Trump insurgent by conspiracy cult members to the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

President-elect Joe Biden and many others were angered by the double-standards so proudly on display from our nation's captiol.

As Biden's own grandaughter's text to him, "Pop, this isn't fair". No, this racism on full display in our nation's capital.

"No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn't have been treated very very different than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol," said Biden.

Senator Corey Booker, in a passionate speech to Congress, said it best.

Visibly shaking and speaking to the nation and his colleagues in Congress, Senator Corey Booker connected the historical connotations of the shocking, violent storming of the Capitol and Trump's mute response with the violence of the Independence of the US and the civil rights movement.

“I can only think of two times in American history that individuals laid siege to our country, stormed our sacred civic spaces and tried to overrun this government. One was in the war of 1812, and the other one was today.

“What’s interesting about the parallel between the two (events is) they both were waving flags to a sole sovereign to an individual surrendering em principal to adult of personality.

“One was a monarch in England and the other flags I saw all over the capital including in the halls of the Capitol and in this room to a single person named Donald Trump.

"(Trump) is fanning the flames to create of cons theory to create a smokescreen of …to cover what he is doing trying to do which is undermine our Democratic principles."

The first step to accepting we have a civil rights disaster in our nation is to acknowledge it. 

It's time to shake off all pride, racism, and blind belief that our country is just fine. Obviously, it's not. 

A time to heal must come to all of us but before that, we have some difficult work to do in order to fulfill the duties required by our Democracy and our Constitution.

There are millions of Americans who need mental health counseling. There are many more who have no idea they are racist.  

The survival of the country, that great mess that is Democracy, is counting on all of us. There is no better time to start the work than right now, together, as a nation no longer divided.