Original Soupman donates to Toni's Kitchen

Soup for ALL! Toni's Kitchen reaches milestone in growth


Feeding the hungry is a full time job. Just ask anyone who runs a non-profit feeding program, or any of the army of volunteers who sign up to cook and serve the one-in-five children in New Jersey who live in poverty (Stat: Feeding New Jersey). There are over 1.1 million food insecure people living in the Garden State, with over 1/3 of them children.

Today,one of the incredible non-profit powerhouses in New Jersey took a few minutes to pose for a photo, and thank The Original Soupman for donating soups.

Ann Mernin, Director of Outreach at Toni's Kitchen, said they are very grateful for the gluten-free, Organic delicious soups. Since 2015, Toni’s Kitchen served about 52,000 people, but this past year the number doubled, to over 100,000. Mernin also added their Backpack program has grown to about 200 per week, with free backpacks handed out and filled with plenty of non-perishable foods packed inside. “We are happy to be packing these soups in the backpacks as well,” she said.

Pictured from left to right are Ann Mernin, Toni’s Kitchen Director of Outreach and Stacy Cooper, Kitchen Manager of Toni’s Kitchen with some of the Tetra Paks of The Original Soupman gluten-free, Organic Lentil Soups.