Radio Free Montclair New Year's Weekend Pilot Launch Party

New Year's Weekend [December 31, 2021 (12pm) through February 4, 2022 (12am)


Radio Free Montclair, the brainchild of DesignShed / Montclair Design Week founder, Petia Morozov, has announced its official pilot launch slated for New Year's Weekend. 

Radio Free Montclair, a freeform community-led radio station offering eclectic and original programming, will be celebrating the new year by launching a weekend packed with "locally compelling idiosyncratic audio" as it debuts its exciting new streaming platform beginning New Year's Eve. 

Starting at noon on Friday, December 31st, the RFM New Year's Launch Party will "wring out the old and ring in the new" with a wide variety of on-air segments that range from performances of local music to programming by local high school students, coverage of important topics, and conversations with fascinating members of the community.

RFM seeks to provide listeners with an eclectic "Mixtape of Montclair" where people of all ages and backgrounds can tune in and hear something locally compelling.  

RFM is inviting the public to participate not only by streaming the event, but by sharing short recorded messages in advance of the event describing what sort of local programming they would like to hear. These recordings can be made by utilizing an interactive recording feature found on the website: and may be used on-air for future promotional spots. RFM encourages the public to have fun with the feature and to stay tuned to hear which recordings get airplay - it may be your own or your neighbor's!

John Sullivan, one of the station's founding members, believes that RFM has the potential to fill an increasingly growing void of hyper-locally relevant content across media, stating, "RFM hopes to celebrate, educate and engage listeners in the issues and questions that matter most to our community. I cannot wait to see where the community I love takes this!"

Scott Gurian, an awarding winning host and producer of his own podcast and a principal at RFM says, "Radio Free Montclair is just getting started, but we're already blown away by the enthusiasm we're hearing from members of the community. Montclair is such a creative place, and we hope to reflect that through the diversity of programming that will be on our airwaves!"

The RFM team endeavors to lower the barriers of entry to a place of expression and creativity where ALL feel welcome to listen, volunteer, and create audio content that is truly  representative of the community of the Montclair area.

RFM  welcomes new voices, ideas, and creative community spirit of all kinds, and encourages anyone interested in lending their skill set to this experiment in local listening to reach out at and contact them at and see where the conversation takes them.