Pfizer was not part of Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" but instead worked independently on this vaccine

Pfizer Reports Early info Shows 90% Effectiveness in Vaccine for COVID-19


A promising new report based on Phase 3 data was released today by Pfizer, stating early results on volunteer,s who had never had COVID-19, experienced  a 90%  rate of success.  The breath taking results have injected a global sigh of relief into the world population, as the virus outbreak continues to ravage humanity. In total, there are 51,142,176 world cases and 1,267,480 global deathsthe US is the at the top of global cases as a country, with 10,368,385 cases and deaths.

The breaking news lifted the spritis of people around the globe as it also pushed the stocks of Pfizer to new highs, along with Wall Street's numbers, which had already been surging due to  President Elect Joe Biden's win in the presidential race.

This vaccine has a 2-dose application, and Pfizer has already asked the FDA to fast track its usage in the population. There will be about 15-20 million doses ready by end of 2020, according to Pfizer.

Pfizer was not part of President Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" and instead worked independently, unlike numerous other companies. 

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