New go-to destination for medical care opening in our area

Dr. Avery Browne will be treating patients in our area at the two new urgent care medical facilities, Doctors Express.
Diane Lilli

Waiting to see a doctor in a busy emergency room isn’t just irritating but downright painful. Two new spots with on-site physicians are about to open here in our area.

Doctors Express is the first local Urgent Care place for you and your family with not only trained physicians who can treat you but also with digital X-rays, lab testing, occupational medicine services and prescription medications available.

Albert Saad, CEO of 2 new Doctors Express about to open in West Orange and South Plainfield, said their goal is to serve the public well - and quickly.

“Our physicians will be family practice board certified,” noted Saad.”Some ER trained and all of our physicians see pediatric through adult and geriatric patients.”

Of course, if you are in the midst of a true medical emergency, you should call 911.

Saad said they wanted to offer the best service possible, and that convenience plays a major role in this new local business.

“We can take your x-rays and read them within minutes,” he said. “If you go to the hospital it will probably take hours to do this. Also our lab testing, which meets all CLIA standards, will give our patients and doctors immediate results.”

It is important to note that Doctors Express will accept insurance, but that these physicians are not your primary care physicians. You will pay the same amount as you would for a specialist under your insurance plan.

“Patients pay a co-pay, which is less than an emergency room visit,” said Saad.

Doctors Express will also administer flu shots and vaccinations; travel vaccinations; do physicals for your work or for camp and do treatment for illness or injury that does not require emergency hospital treatment.

“We also will prescribe and even give our patients prescriptions (not all are in stock),” noted Saad.

And, just in case you wondered, these two spots are hiring local residents, and provide about 24 positions.

Local Doctor Avery Browne, who lives in the Oranges grew up in East Orange, said he is happy to be working back in his hometown and in the area for Doctors Express.

“This is a wonderful place for patients, since today we live in an economy where most people are working long hours, and traveling and getting to see physician for urgent matters from a sprain to a cold or back pain just might not be possible,” said Browne. “We can work them up, and they can always go back to their primary doctor for regular maintenance, as opposed to going to the ER after hours, and waiting for long time for simple things like a strep throat or things of that nature.”

Browne said they will have family medicine physicians; treat all ages as well as women's health, offering a versatility of family medicine training .

“We see ages from infants (over 6 weeks) to teens to all ages,” Browne said. “We are able to see them and will have specially referrals as well.”

If you’ve ever been in pain late at night - like I have - you know you will suffer more if you have to wait in an emergency room of a hospital for hours on end. Whether your child has the croup or a very severe sore throat, this is a great alternative to being treated at a busy hospital.

Now, you can use this go-to destination for all of your urgent medical needs and get help sooner rather than later.

Doctors Express will be launching their two new facilities in West Orange and South Plainfield New Jersey.

About Doctors Express

About Doctors Express®

Doctors Express® was founded in Towson, Maryland and opened its first urgent care center in 2009.  The Company has since grown to more than 70 urgent care centers nationwide.  Earlier this year, Doctors Express merged with American Family Care based in Birmingham, Alabama, to become the largest privately-owned urgent care center operator in the country.


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