Montclair High has malfunction in cafeteria sprinklers – Students evacuated


Today a sprinkler in malfunctioned in the Montclair High freshman cafeteria the students had to evacuate. An eye witness on hand told The Jersey Tomato Press that the students were told to leave and wait outside, as both fire and police and a fire truck arrived, with sirens blaring.

As of this afternoon, an assembly had been announced for the students with an update expected.

Infrastructure issues have plagued the school as of late including collapsed stairways and burst pipes. The district is managing plans to deal with issues including changing class locations and hours starting in the late spring.

The school sent out this notice:

Due to a malfunction of the sprinkler system in the Annex Cafeteria, all students and staff were temporarily relocated to the MHS main building. Our Buildings & Grounds Department, along with the Fire Department has contained the situation and all classes are now resuming in both buildings. The only change is that students who would normally have lunch in the Annex Cafeteria will now have lunch in the Main Building Cafeteria for today. All students and staff are safe and comfortable.