Kids' Band Rocks the Scene for Local Families

Baze and His Silly Friends - A Seriously Enjoyable Sound

There's nothing silly about enjoying kid friendly music that is easy to enjoy for the entire family.
Diane Lilli

Contrary to their name, there is nothing silly about this local kids’ band.

Baze and His Silly Friends is the dreamchild of Caldwell musician Marc Bazerman.

If you’ve got little kids, you probably have hard of this upbeat band, since they’ve been playing all around the area in spots such as the Turtle Back Zoo, NJ Crawfish Festival,

Great Adventure, and the March of Dimes Walkathon.

But, unlike those other children’s bands, this one is different because its music parents can actually enjoy.

Bazerman said his love of music was instilled in him at an early age, by none other than his dad.

“I got into music when I was about 10 years old,” he said. “My father was a musician and singer. He started out playing country, then rock, and pop.”

But when his dad finally retired, Bazerman noticed he seemed to be missing his former life, so he asked his father to do something distinctly grown up with him – collaborate.

“We both love Zydeco music, which is a New Orleans style, Cajon mixture of rock, Cajon and blues,” he said. “We did a cd together.”

Sadly, Bazerman’s dad passed away only a few months after the cd was released, but the experience stuck with him, and pushed him forward into new musical territory.

“It was a great experience to work with my parent, who saw me go from a kid to an adult, making the decisions on the project,” said Bazerman.

And, in keeping with the tradition of multi-generational melody, Bazerman decided to start up his own band, Baze and His Silly Friends.

“My kids are definitely into music too,” he noted. “I have a studio at my house, so I wrote and recorded and released a few cds here and there. Now, I sing ditties and tunes with my kids too.”

As per playing for the public, this kid friendly artist said he loves every minute of it.

“We play at schools, and have done gigs all over the area, including New York,” said Bazerman.

One venue the band enjoys playing for is the March of Dime Walkathon.

“It’s good to give back,” he said.

Their style is geared towards kids of all ages.

“It’s really a family event,” he said. “People call it kid’s music but the industry has grown exponentially over the years. We are more contemporary than some of the other bands.”

If you would like to rock your kids’ worlds, check out Baze and His Silly Friends at Their cds are available through the site, and you can see for yourself why the youngest set is wild about their music.


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