Hazardous Road and Weather Conditions Alert


AdvisoryHazardous Road and Weather Conditions

The Borough of Caldwell and the Caldwell Police Department would like to inform our residents of the hazardous road conditions due to the occurring snow storm. We urge all our residents to please stay at home and not to brave these hazardous conditions unless it is a dire emergency that you must travel out on the roadways. Also, we urge all residents not to park your vehicles in the roadway so the roads can be cleared properly as per our Borough Ordinance 230-37, “Parking on snow-covered streets prohibited."

As the day moves on and the night falls upon us, the temperatures will continue to drop which will cause freezing and create an even more hazardous traveling condition.

Please allow our Department of Public Works and the County of Essex to clear the roadways and make them safe for travel. Please stay warm and safe!