Caldwell Introduces Ordinance Defining Role of Administrator in Employment

Caldwell Councilman Kelley was not present at last night's meeting. This photo was taken a few months ago.
Emily Bruno

When it comes to the decision making of who works for the borough of Caldwell, the decision making usually rests in the hands of the Borough Administrator. In Caldwell, administrator Paul Carelli most often times is responsible for the hiring and firing process of all borough employees.

At the Caldwell council meeting on Tuesday night, an ordinance was introduced to the council that allows the administrator to fill a vacant position, after the qualified applicants have been interviewed. The administrator also has the power to hire and fire anyone under the department head.

“This was on the books in personnel already as voted on by the council in March of 2013,” Municipal Attorney Gregory Mascera said. “It is now just clarifying the role of the Borough Administrator in the hiring and firing process of borough employees.”

The only changes made in this ordianance is that the administrator would has the authority to fill a vacant position.

Some members of the council did not agree with this ordinance.

Democrat Councilman Edward Durkin felt that the mayor and council should be involved in the decision making of hiring and firing.

“I would like to know who works in town,” noted Durkin. “If I pass them in town, I would like to know who they are if they work for the borough,” Durkin said. Fellow Democrat and Councilman Frank Rodgers agreed with Councilman Durkins’ opinion.

Other members of the council said that the responsibility of hiring and firing should be the Borough Administrators decision.

“I have full confidence that Paul (Carelli) is capable of making these kinds of decisions without the mayor and council,” Councilman O’Donnell said.

The ordinance was introduced after a 3-2 vote, and will have a public hearing on September 17.


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