From Air Force One to Biden Camp: who was exposed at the debate 2 nights ago? Everyone at Debate will be advised to self-quarantine.

BREAKING NEWS: President Donald Trump and First Lady Have Covid-19

Trump is First Sitting President to Announce Such a Devastating Health threat in Executive Office in U.S. History. It is 32 Days Before Election Day.

Diane Lilli

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump announced in the very early morning hours today, Friday October 2, that they both have tested positive for Cornoavirus.

The White House released  a statement released at 1 AM today, followed by a tweet by the president saying he and wife Melania "will begin our guarantine and recover process immediatley."

Hope Hicks, the Communications Director for President Trump,  has direct contact with the President and is inside his inner circle. She had just  tested positive for Covid-19, and now the most inner circle has been has been breached by the Pandemic in a significant way never before seen in American history.

Another issue is the debate, held on Tuesday. At the debate, Hope Hicks along with everyone on the flight to the debate were in attendance. Members of President

Trump's staff and family were also in the audience and close-by, which means everyone at the debate must be tested and will most likely be placed in quarantine for 14 days.

White House aide Hope Hicks is part of a large entourage that traveled to Ohio first and then with Trump aboard Air Force One for the debate, including members of the Trump family. 

Against protocol for the debate, Trump’s adult children and senior staff DID NOT wear masks, which is a clear violation of rules at the debate.

President Trump also was just in New Jersey so anyone who had contact with him or his staff must self-quanentine for 14 days. Getting tested too early may not show the virus via testing, so isolation is the only safe option and reccomended by the CDC.

As for the upcoming debate, since the clear protocol is to isolate for 14 days when being diagnosed, it is uncertain if any kind of debate will occur and if the President will be healthy enough to participate. 

With the Pandemic ticking upwards across the US; unemployment surging at historic levels; a nation divided by political upheaval so drastic that even scientificically proven facts that masks should be worn is disputed as "political", and millions of Americans  protesting daily for Black Lives Matter,  we face an already divisive  election in just weeks away.

President Trump is 74 and considered extremely overweight. He is in a high risk category for this virus. He is at high risk for complications. 

If anything happens to the president, the election is uncertain but the line of succession is clear: First Vice President Mike Pence would step in as acting President. then if something happends to Pence, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would be acting president.

As of now, both President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are in isolation.

Updates to follow.