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Top Three Reasons To Try High-Value Dog Treats

You can treat your dog to top quality, all-natural goodies.

(NAPSI)—If you’re like most pet parents, you want to give your pups the best when it comes to special treats. 

Here ‘s why, according to the experts on canine health and happiness, Kolby and Kaleb Rush of Saint Rocco’s all-natural, human-grade treats.

1.Training: Professionals agree that introducing a brand-new behavior, working on socialization, or emphasizing counter conditioning all take incredible focus. High-value treats are like giving your dog an A+ for behavior and training, enabling the highest focus and encouraging better results.

2.Health: Veterinarians have been touting the perils of processed dog foods and treats for years. Feeding dogs sub-par treats using rendered leftover meat waste, sugar, sodium, BHA, food coloring, and additives made in potentially filthy conditions or processing plants can contribute to lower life expectancy, allergies, certain cancers and unnecessary weight gain.

3.Taste: A treat should be just that: a TREAT and not an hourly occurrence or something sub-par and not worth it. Consider high-value treats the ice cream of options. The “mouth feel” that jerky-style high protein treats provide, and the quality, healthful ingredients and thoughtful, transparent production, mean even the most finicky pet (and owner) can see that high-value dog treats put the “eats” in treats.

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Note to Editors: September 20-27, 2022 is National dog Week but this information can be helpful to your readers at anytime.